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My name is Bijan and I’m here to help you with learning how to trade stocks and with better understanding how the markets work. Currently at the age of 27, I’ve managed to find myself living a life I could have only dreamed of, and have accomplished/surpassed all of my “life goals” with much credit(and gratitude) to the stock market. 
From the moment I was exposed to the stock market in my high school economics class,  I became obsessed with the subject. The class itself didn’t teach any strategical concepts, but it opened my eyes to the opportunities that can be found within the stock market and that was all the “spark” that I needed to pursue learning more about it.
I didn’t come from a rich family or a “rich area” yet I’ve been able to achieve financial independence and financial freedom for not only myself, but for my parents and my family as well.

Though out my journey I’ve had people from all walks of life reach out and ask me to help them with better understanding how to trade and how markets work, which is how this site came about. It started off local, but as the demand grew I found that it would be best to establish a database online where I can help people that were interested from other areas as well.
I’m always happy to share my experiences and knowledge with those who have the desire and interest to learn, my only request is that you be certain about wanting to pursue it and that you really give it your all if you decide to join us.

You lose some and win some, as long as the outcome is income.

- Bijan

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