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Watchlist Subscription

 The Watchlist Subscription grants you access to our Day Trading Watchlist and our Swing Trading Watchlist.


Each Watchlist consists of 3-5 stocks to watch, along with a full game plan for each trade idea. We do the planning and scanning to help you alongside your research and analysis, and to help better understand the markets as well. Each trade idea will include the direction we expect the stock to go, the price level we expect to enter, and the price levels that we expect to exit at (such as our profit targets and stop losses).

The Day Trading Watchlist is updated daily with new trade ideas, and the Swing Trading Watchlist is updated weekly. With our Watchlist Subscription you gain access to both the Day Trading and Swing Trading Lists.


 Trading Masterclass Course 

 Gain access to our Trading Masterclass Video Lesson Course which is a series of Video Lessons that are structured and designed to teach you everything that you need to know about trading stocks and options from A through Z. 


The lessons cover everything from the basic concepts of how to get started, to even the most advanced topics and strategies, all in a straight forward and easy to understand format. The lessons are beginner friendly, easy to understand, easy to refer back to, and self-paced so you can work through them at your own convenience.



Topics covered in the Masterclass range from Basic to Advanced Stock Trading and Options Trading Lessons, Options Trading Strategies, Market Psychology, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, Day Trading and Swing Trading, Risk Management, Market Scanning and Trade Planning, and More.